Car Chevrolet Chevelle 1966 Stw.
Car build by  L.I. Race Cars and NRS.
Chassis  25:1E Doublerail 115″ Wheelbase.
Rearaxle  Mark Williams 9,5″ Full floater. Santhuff Shocks. 5.14 gears.

Body  Carbonfibre.
Bodycolor  Black/Orange (Paint by Totte Custom Works)

Engine, gearbox & exhaust

Engine Alan Johnson/TFX  521 cu:i.
Blower  PSI Screwblower.
Computersystem  Racepak V300sd.
Fuel  Methanol.
Fuel  Fuelsystem  by AJPE.
Ignition  MSD 44 Pro Mag.
Heads A.J Stage 3 Muscle heads.
Camshaft  AJPE.

Bottom  Crank  AJPE.
Bottom  Connectingrods  AJPE.
Bottom  Pistons  Arias Muscle Head.
Transmission Brunodrive with Coan 2 Piece Converter
Exhaust  Haha! Straight pipes.

Wheels, tires & stuff

Wheels  American Racing Double Beadlock .
Tires  Mickey Thompson.
Safety  Seatbelts  Toora FIA approved.
Safety  Chutes  Stroud.

Safety  Seat Toora Racing.